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Deep dish and thin crust pizzaTobin's Pizza Story

Our pizza begins with a not real thick yet not paper thin, golden crust, never soggy and never messy on the bottom or sides (like our competitors). Of course we make this crust and roll it ourselves to get it this way. Next we top this golden crust with our mildly seasoned, red ripe tomato sauce. Next and almost last is the cheese, rich and buttery always cooked till it is golden (never stringy or burned). Now it is your turn, choose any of the toppings available and you are on your way to a perfect pizza.


Tobin's Pizza Process

Deep dish pizzaWe make a bread type dough, that when finished is light like bread, not soggy noodle dough. Then we take our own blend of cheeses and cover the dough completely. Next, we top this with generous portions of your favorite toppings. And last but not least, we take whole cooked tomatoes and break them up and put a heaping helping on top. We then add another cheese and sprinkle a couple of herbs and spices on top of this and then bake it in a deep pan till it's "justa right". It is very filling, so maybe we can suggest starting with a small one. We'd love to sell you a Giant, but it breaks our hearts to see delicious pizza go to waste. Our pizzas take a little longer to bake than "what's his name," but we think that after you try them, you will be glad you waited the few extra minutes.


Micheleo's Pizza OwnersMicheleo's Pizza Story

The story starts on February 1, 1981 when Micheleo’s Pizza opened its doors at 4 pm that Sundayevening.  Two hours before the opening the sauce recipes for both the thin and pan pizzas were developed (seriously).  There were only a handful of employees at the start and the first night’s sales were only a few hundred dollars.  The first ISU Spring Break in March that year was tough with the students gone. One of those nights we sold a .45 soda after being open for five hours with one employee on the payroll!!!  Micheleo’s has always served thin crust and Chicago style deep dish pan for which they are famous for and has always been known for generous amounts of toppings and cheese.

Micheleo's OwnerMicheleo’s first location was in Normal at 106 North Street.  The store moved to 116 116 Pizza in Bloomington ILNorth Street in February 1984.  A second location was opened in Bloomington at 1012 South Main Street in 1990.  The second location was moved back to Normal in 2003.

Micheleo’s was sold by its original owners, Mike and Geri in 2003 and  remained at the North Street location until the summer of 2010 when unfortunately it closed for a short time due to complications.  It was reacquired by the original owners and sold to Tobin’s Pizza in the fall of 2010.  Micheleo’s is now being served at Tobin’s Pizza located at 1513 North Main Street in Bloomington.


Pizza Delivery Bloomington-Normal

In 2020, food delivery became more popular than ever. Fortunately, you can get Tobin's Pizza & Micheleos Pizza delivered to your door. We operate the largest pizza delivery fleet in downstate Illinois. Whether you're looking for our legendary hand-cooked pizza, pizza and wings, or pizza and pasta, we've got you covered.


Mike & Geri Koch, owners of Micheleo's Pizza, working on a customer's delivery order.

Mike & Geri Koch, owners of Micheleo's Pizza, working on a customer's delivery order.